Towards a taxonomy of movement patterns

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Towards a taxonomy of movement patterns
A review of research that has been carried out on data mining and visual analysis of movement patterns suggests that there is little agreement on the relevant types of movement patterns and only few, isolated definitions of these exist. Since the research interest in this area has recently started to soar, we believe that this is a good time to approach the definition of movement patterns in a more systematic and comprehensive way. This paper intends to contribute to the development of a toolbox of data mining algorithms and visual analytic techniques for movement analysis by developing firstly a conceptual framework for movement behavior of different moving objects and secondly a comprehensive classification and review of movement patterns. We argue that this is indispensable as a basis for the development of pattern recognition and information visualization algorithms that are required to be efficient (i.e. usable on massive data sets), effective (i.e. capable of accurately detectin...
Somayeh Dodge, Robert Weibel, Anna-Katharina Laute
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Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where IVS
Authors Somayeh Dodge, Robert Weibel, Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz
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