Towards TCP-Friendly Adaptive Multimedia Applications Based on RTP

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Towards TCP-Friendly Adaptive Multimedia Applications Based on RTP
For multimedia senders to benefit the most of dynamically changing availability of network resources they need to adjust their transmission behavior in accordance with the network congestion state. In this paper, we investigate various mechanisms for realizing an additive increase and multiplicative decrease adaptation scheme based on the real time transport protocol (RTP). Through analysis and simulations we identify optimal approaches for increasing and decreasing the transmission rate. Here, we will mainly concentrate on the aspects of TCPfriendliness, dynamical setting of the adaptation parameters, fair bandwidth distribution and stability in addition to the obligatory requirements of high bandwidth utilization and low losses in the network. Note that the main challenge here is in achieving these goals using the rather infrequent RTP feedback messages.
Dorgham Sisalem, Adam Wolisz
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Updated 04 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where ISCC
Authors Dorgham Sisalem, Adam Wolisz
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