Towards a theory and calculus of aliasing

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Towards a theory and calculus of aliasing
A theory, graphical notation, mathematical calculus and implementation for finding whether two given expressions can, at execution time, denote references attached to the same object. Intended as the basis for a comprehensive solution to the “frame problem” and as an alternative (for the specific issue of determining aliases) to separation logic, shape analysis, ownership types and dynamic frames. 1 DYNAMIC ALIASING You have, most certainly, read Homer. I have not (too much blood), but then I listen to Offenbach a lot, so we share some knowledge: we both understand that “the beautiful daughter of Leda and the swan”, “poor Menelaus’s spouse” and “Pâris’s lover” all denote the same person, also known as Helen of Troy. The many modes of calling Helen are a case of aliasing, the human ability to denote a single object by more than one name. Aliasing is at its highest risk of causing confusion when it is dynamic, that is to say when an object can at any moment acquire ...
Bertrand Meyer
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