Towards universal mobile caching

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Towards universal mobile caching
In the context of mobile data access, data caching is fundamental for both performance and functionality. For this reason there have been many studies into developing energy-efficient caching algorithms suitable for specific mobile environments. In this papers, we present a novel caching policy, Universal Mobile Caching (UMC), which is suitable for managing object caches in structurally varying environments, and which is self-optimizing for changing workloads. UMC is based on a simple set of basic criteria which reflect a spectrum of possible caching policies. UMC has demonstrated the ability to provide caching benefits in the on-demand retrieval of web documents for the mobile web, wherein multiple levels of intervening caches can create adverse workloads for other general caching schemes. When considering the energy expended in servicing cache misses, UMC consistently demonstrated savings on the order of 10% to 15%. These energy savings are solely due to local per-node behavior,...
Ganesh Santhanakrishnan, Ahmed Amer, Panos K. Chry
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Ganesh Santhanakrishnan, Ahmed Amer, Panos K. Chrysanthis
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