Trading services in ontology-driven markets

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Trading services in ontology-driven markets
In recent years, Web Services have become the key technology for building flexible and interoperable computing infrastructure. However, to realize the vision of a full-fletched service oriented architecture efficient service discovery and allocation is required to coordinate the interplay between service providers and requesters. Recently, the Semantic Web community suggested the use of Semantic Web Services and semantic matchmaking mechanisms for allocating adequate services. These mechanisms do not adequately address or even neglect the existence of prices for services and thus may lead to economic inefficient outcomes. Cleaving on the advantages of a semantics based matchmaker, this paper describes the design of an ontology-driven market for trading Web Services. As such, a framework is presented that enriches an auction schema by several components enabling semantics based matching as well as price-based allocations of services. Furthermore, the use of background knowledge in ...
Steffen Lamparter, Björn Schnizler
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Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where SAC
Authors Steffen Lamparter, Björn Schnizler
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