Traffic Management in Isochronets Networks

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Traffic Management in Isochronets Networks
: This paper presents an evaluation of a traffic management mechanism for high speed networks called RDMA (Route Division Multiple Access), developed as part of the Isochronets, a novel architecture for high speed networks. RDMA enables routes to designated destinations during time intervals (green-bands) available periodically. We evaluated the support RDMA offers to applications quality of service (QoS) represented by delay and jitter and its network congestion prevention effectiveness. RDMA is compared to two other wellknown mechanisms: Virtual Clock and Leaky Bucket. RDMA showed itself to be satisfactory as an access control mechanism for applications with strict QoS requirements. In RDMA, memory resource needs at network elements is minimized; traffic sources or network peripheral elements are responsible for the use of a large quantity of memory.
Kelvin Lopes Dias, José Augusto Suruagy Mon
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where MMNS
Authors Kelvin Lopes Dias, José Augusto Suruagy Monteiro, Danilo Florissi
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