Traffic Partition in WDM/SONET Rings to Minimize SONET ADMs

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Traffic Partition in WDM/SONET Rings to Minimize SONET ADMs
SONET(SynchronousOpticalNETworks)add-dropmultiplexers(ADMs)arethedominantcostfactor in the WDM(Wavelength Division Multiplexing)/SONET rings. The number of SONET ADMs required by a set of traffic streams is determined by the routing and wavelength assignment of the traffic streams. Previous works took as input the traffic streams with routings given a priori and developed various heuristics for wavelength assignment to minimize the SONET ADM costs. However, little was known about the performance guarantees of these heuristics. This paper contributes mainly in two aspects. First, in addition to the traffic streams with pre-specified routing, this paper also studies minimizing the ADM requirement by traffic streams without given routings, a problem which is shown to be NP-hard. Several heuristics for integrated routing and wavelength assignment are proposed to minimize the SONET ADM costs. Second, the approximation ratios of those heuristics for wavelength assignment only and those heuri...
Gruia Calinescu, Peng-Jun Wan
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Type Journal
Year 2002
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Authors Gruia Calinescu, Peng-Jun Wan
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