Training Teams with Collaborative Agents

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Training Teams with Collaborative Agents
Training teams is an activity that is expensive, time-consuming, hazardous in some cases, and can be limited by availability of equipment and personnel. In team training, the focus is on optimizing interactions, such as efficiency of communication, conflict resolution and prioritization, group situation awareness, resource distribution and load balancing, etc. This paper presents an agent-based approach to designing intelligent team training systems. We envision a computer-based training system in which teams are trained by putting them through scenarios, which allow them to practice their team skills. There are two important roles that intelligent agents can play; these are as virtual team members and as coach. To carry out these functions, these agents must be equipped with an understanding of the task domain, the team structure, the selected decision-making process and their belief about other team members' mental states.
Michael S. Miller, Jianwen Yin, Richard A. Volz, T
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ITS
Authors Michael S. Miller, Jianwen Yin, Richard A. Volz, Thomas R. Ioerger, John Yen
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