Trajectory-Based Anomalous Event Detection

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Trajectory-Based Anomalous Event Detection
Abstract--During the last years, the task of automatic event analysis in video sequences has gained an increasing attention among the research community. The application domains are disparate, ranging from video surveillance to automatic video annotation for sport videos or TV shots. Whatever the application field, most of the works in event analysis are based on two main approaches: the former based on explicit event recognition, focused on finding highlevel, semantic interpretations of video sequences, and the latter based on anomaly detection. This paper deals with the second approach, where the final goal is not the explicit labeling of recognized events, but the detection of anomalous events differing from typical patterns. In particular, the proposed work addresses anomaly detection by means of trajectory analysis, an approach with several application fields, most notably video surveillance and traffic monitoring. The proposed approach is based on single-class support vector mach...
Claudio Piciarelli, Christian Micheloni, Gian Luca
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Where TCSV
Authors Claudio Piciarelli, Christian Micheloni, Gian Luca Foresti
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