Transaction-Aware Network-on-Chip Resource Reservation

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Transaction-Aware Network-on-Chip Resource Reservation
Packet-switched interconnect fabric, widely viewed as the de facto on-chip data communication standard in the many-core era, offers high throughput and excellent scalability. However, these benefits come at the price of router latency due to run-time multihop data buffering and resource arbitration, which account for the majority of on-chip transaction latency. In this work, we address the latency issue of on-chip network design and propose dynamic in-network resource reservation techniques that are guided by highta transaction information. This idea is motivated by the need to preserve existing abstraction and general-purpose network performance while optimizing for latency-critical events. Experiments with multithreaded benchmarks demonstrate that the proposed techniques reduce on-chip data access latency and demonstrate the importance of considering transaction-level information in network design.
Zheng Li, Changyun Zhu, Li Shang, Robert P. Dick,
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Updated 24 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where CAL
Authors Zheng Li, Changyun Zhu, Li Shang, Robert P. Dick, Yihe Sun
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