Transformation Invariance in Hand Shape Recognition

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Transformation Invariance in Hand Shape Recognition
In hand shape recognition, transformation invariance is key for successful recognition. We propose a system that is invariant to small scale, translation and shape variations. This is achieved by using a-priori knowledge to create a transformation subspace for each hand shape. Transformation subspaces are created by performing Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on images produced using computer animation. A method to increase the efficiency of the system is outlined. This is achieved using a technique of grouping subspaces based on their origin and then organising them into a hierarchical decision tree. We compare the accuracy of this technique with that of the Tangent Distance technique and display the results.
Thomas Coogan, Alistair Sutherland
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICPR
Authors Thomas Coogan, Alistair Sutherland
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