Triangles: Design of a Physical/Digital Construction Kit

11 years 5 months ago
Triangles: Design of a Physical/Digital Construction Kit
This paper presents the design of a new form of computer interface that uses physical objects to embody digital information, providing a means for interacting with data. Triangles is a physical interface in the form of a construction kit of identical, flat, plastic triangles. The triangles connect together both physically and digitally with magnetic, conducting connectors. When the pieces contact one another, specific connections can trigger specific digital events, allowing a simple but powerful tool for physically interacting with stored digital information. We will briefly describe the system itself, and design steps taken in its development. We highlight the importance of collaborative, iterative, and multi-disciplinarian design for a project of this nature. Keywords Interface design, physical interface, digital connector design, magnetic connector.
Matthew G. Gorbet, Maggie Orth
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Type Conference
Year 1997
Authors Matthew G. Gorbet, Maggie Orth
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