A Trust Model for Supply Chain Management

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A Trust Model for Supply Chain Management
hey generalize these factors to the abstract concepts of ability, integrity, and benevolence. This model does not use probabilistic decision theory. Other SCM trust factors have been studied as well, although many of them are focused on specific SCM industries. For example, Paterson et al. (2008) studied twelve trust factors, identifying three factors that are critical to the horticulture supply chain: shared values, point-of-sale information, and integrity. The above trust frameworks categorize some aspects of trust, but most of them focus on producing a single metric for trust or reputation (Sabater and Sierra 2002, Mui 2003). In addition, many trust frameworks do not use probabilistic methods, preferring ad hoc valuation schemes (Sabater and Sierra 2002). Smith and desJardins (2009) proposed a probabilistic trust model grounded in decision theory; their model allows an agent to decide whether or not to interact with another agent by predicting the trustworthiness of the agent. This...
Yasaman Haghpanah, Marie desJardins
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Authors Yasaman Haghpanah, Marie desJardins
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