Two Case Studies for Jazzyk BSM

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Two Case Studies for Jazzyk BSM
Recently, we introduced Behavioural State Machines (BSM ), a novel programming framework for development of cognitive agents with Jazzyk, its associated programming language and interpreter. The Jazzyk BSM framework draws a strict distinction between knowledge representation and behavioural aspects of an agent program. Jazzyk BSM thus enables synergistic exploitation of heterogeneous knowledge representation technologies in a single agent, as well as offers a transparent way for embedding cognitive agents in various simulated or physical environments. This makes it a particularly suitable platform for development of simulated, as well as physically embodied cognitive agents, such as virtual agents, or non-player characters for computer games. In this paper we report on Jazzbot and Urbibot projects, two case-studies we developed using the Jazzyk BSM framework in simulated environments provided by a first person shooter computer game and a physical reality simulator for mobile robotics...
Michael Köster, Peter Novák, David Mai
Added 25 May 2010
Updated 25 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where AGS
Authors Michael Köster, Peter Novák, David Mainzer, Bernd Fuhrmann
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