Two diet plans for fat PDF

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Two diet plans for fat PDF
As Adobe's Portable Document Format has exploded in popularity so too has the number PDF generators, and predictably the quality of generated PDF varies considerably. This paper surveys a range of PDF optimizations for space, and reports the results of a tool that can postprocess existing PDFs to reduce file sizes by 20 to 70% for large classes of PDFs. (Further reduction can often be obtained by recoding images to lower resolutions or with newer compression methods such as JBIG2 or JPEG2000, but those operations are independent of PDF per se and not a component of the results reported here.) A new PDF storage format called "Compact PDF" is introduced that achieves for many classes of PDF an additional reduction of 30 to 60% beyond what is possible
Thomas A. Phelps, Robert Wilensky
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Thomas A. Phelps, Robert Wilensky
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