Type-aware Web-search

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Type-aware Web-search
Keyword-search engines (e.g. Web-search) usually can be outperformed by a specialized system optimized for a specific domain, type of data, or queries [8, 2, 12, 5, 11, 9]. For example, Halevy et. al. in [13] demonstrate how a specialized Google Fusion Tables spatial search can outperform the general-purpose Google Web-search on bike trails search in San Francisco Bay Area. At the same time, Web content providers usually exhibit a specific focus for their postings. For example, information at is devoted to Computer Science research and education, Hannah Montana is mostly tweeting about music, and the same is true for most sources. This paper describes the work in progress on a new Typeaware Web-search system that uses topical focus of information sources to process a large class of queries better than a regular Web search-engine. It leverages semantic profiles similar to [10, 6, 7] and a new Type-aware Locality-Sensitive Hashing (TLSH) scheme to accomplish ...
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