Type Checking in XOBE

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Type Checking in XOBE
: XML is the upcoming standard for internet data. Java is the most important programming language for internet applications. Nevertheless, in today’s languages and tools there is no smooth integration of Java and XML. The XML OBjEcts project (XOBE) at the University of L¨ubeck addresses this mismatch by defining XML objects by XML schemas and by making them to first-class data values. In XOBE, the distinction between XML documents and XML objects no longer exists. Instead, a running XOBE program works only with XML objects. XML documents in text form with explicit tags exist only for communicating with the outside world. This approach allows to check the validity of all XML objects within a program statically at compile time. This is accomplished by XML constructors. Previously generated XML objects are inserted in these constructors such that the validity can be checked at compile time. This paper concentrates on the type checking algorithm in XOBE which is used, among others, fo...
Martin Kempa, Volker Linnemann
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Year 2003
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Authors Martin Kempa, Volker Linnemann
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