Type-Safe Delegation for Run-Time Component Adaptation

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Type-Safe Delegation for Run-Time Component Adaptation
Abstract. The aim of component technology is the replacement of large monolithic applications with sets of smaller software components, whose particular functionality and interoperation can be adapted to users’ needs. However, the adaptation mechanisms of component software are still limited. Most proposals concentrate on adaptations that can be achieved either at compile time or at link time. Current support for dynamic component adaptation, i.e. unanticipated, incremental modifications of a component system at run-time, is not sufficient. This paper proposes object-based inheritance (also known as delegation) as a complement to purely forwarding-based object composition. It presents a typesafe integration of delegation into a class-based object model and shows how it overcomes the problems faced by forwarding-based component interaction, how it supports independent extensibility of components and unanticipated, dynamic component adaptation.
Günter Kniesel
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Günter Kniesel
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