The UCSC Genome Browser Database: 2008 update

9 years 3 months ago
The UCSC Genome Browser Database: 2008 update
The University of California, Santa Cruz, Genome Browser Database (GBD) provides integrated sequence and annotation data for a large collection of vertebrate and model organism genomes. Seventeen new assemblies have been added to the database in the past year, for a total coverage of 19 vertebrate and 21 invertebrate species as of September 2007. For each assembly, the GBD contains a collection of annotation data aligned to the genomic sequence. Highlights of this year's additions include a 28-species human-based vertebrate conservation annotation, an enhanced UCSC Genes set, and more human variation, MGC, and ENCODE data. The database is optimized for fast interactive performance with a set of web-based tools that may be used to view, manipulate, filter and download the annotation data. New toolset features include the Genome Graphs tool for displaying genome-wide data sets, session saving and sharing, better custom track management, expanded Genome Browser configuration options...
Donna Karolchik, Robert M. Kuhn, Robert Baertsch,
Added 14 Dec 2010
Updated 14 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where NAR
Authors Donna Karolchik, Robert M. Kuhn, Robert Baertsch, Galt P. Barber, Hiram Clawson, Mark Diekhans, Belinda Giardine, Rachel A. Harte, Angela S. Hinrichs, Fan Hsu, K. M. Kober, Webb Miller, J. S. Pedersen, Andy Pohl, Brian J. Raney, Brooke L. Rhead, Kate R. Rosenbloom, Kayla E. Smith, Mario Stanke, Archana Thakkapallayil, Heather Trumbower, T. Wang, Ann S. Zweig, David Haussler, W. James Kent
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