UML 2.0 Testing Profile

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UML 2.0 Testing Profile
Testing often accounts for more than 50% of the required effort during system development. However, testing is often not well integrated with other development phases. One reason for this is that designers, developers and testers all use different languages and tools, making it difficult to communicate with each other and to exchange documents. The UML 2.0 Testing Profile bridges the gap between designers and testers by providing a means to use UML for test specification and modeling. This allows the reuse of UML design documents for testing and enables test development in an early system development phase. The testing profile provides support for UML based model-driven testing. This paper presents the concepts defined in the UML 2.0 Testing Profile and explains their usage by applying those to an example of a simplified Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Keywords UML 2.0, UML Profile, Test Languages, Test Specification, Test Design, Grey-Box Testing, Black-Box Testing, JUnit, TTCN-3
Zhen Ru Dai
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Year 2004
Authors Zhen Ru Dai
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