Understanding Data-Driven Decision Support Systems

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Understanding Data-Driven Decision Support Systems
It is important for managers and Information Technology professionals to understand data-driven decision support systems and how such systems can provide business intelligence and performance monitoring. Data-driven DSS is one of five major types of computerized decision support systems and the features of such systems vary across specific implementations. Different development packages also impact the capabilities of data-driven DSS and hence criteria for evaluating data-driven DSS development software are important to understand. Overall, this article builds on an historic foundation of prior decision support systems theory. Keywords decision support, DSS framework, systems features For almost 50 years, data-driven decision support has been used for a wide variety of purposes. The U. S. SemiAutomatic Ground Environment (SAGE) air-defense command and control system became operational in 1963 and it provided real-time decision support for more than 20 years. Operators accessed the SAGE...
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