Understanding Interaction Experience in Mobile Learning

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Understanding Interaction Experience in Mobile Learning
The convergence of mobile technology and e-learning has generated considerable excitement among both practitioners and academics. Mass media continually promotes novel idea about m-learning. Content developers also continue to deliver learning on wireless, mobile learning devices based on their stract conceptions of what the `generalised' learners might want to learn. We are now seeing the adoption of e-learning into m-learning without a clear understanding of motivations and circumstances surrounding m-learning and m-learners. This research looks into interaction experience that is believed to play a significant role in the development of usable m-learning. Keywords. M-learning, e-learning, interaction experience, HCI, usability 1 Mobile Learning Context The workforce has become much more mobile than before: about 50% of all employees now spend up to 50% of their time outside the office. In fact, many full time learners (like those in schools and higher learning education) are al...
Fariza Hanis Abdul Razak
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