A Unified Approach To Fractal Dimensions

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A Unified Approach To Fractal Dimensions
The Cognitive Processes of Abstraction and Formal Inferences J. A. Anderson: A Brain-Like Computer for Cognitive Software Applications: the Resatz Brain Project L. Flax: Cognitive Modeling Using a Logic-based Algebra Z. Shi and S. Zhang: Case-based Introspective Learning C. C. Liu, W. S. E. Chen, etc.: Topological-based Classification Using Artificial Gene Networks Lunch 12:20 - 14:00pm, Univ. Club Session 2 Information and Signal Theories 14:00 - 15:20pm, Chair: D. Zhang W. Kinsner: A Unified Approach to Fractal Dimensions P. Luo, Q. He, and Z. Shi: Theoretical Study on a New Information Entropy and its Use in Attribute Reduction H. Song, J. Zuo and F. Zhang: A New Model for Generating Chaos N. Gadhok and W. Kinsner: Robust Independent Component Analysis for Cognitive Informatics Coffee break: 15:20 - 15:40pm Session 3 Intelligent Systems 15:40 – 17:00pm, Chair: R.K. Moore F. Rui, Y, Zhao, and W. Li: A Novel Fuzzy Neural Network: Vague Neural Network M. Aziz and R. Macredie: Analyzi...
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