A Unified Graphical Notation for AOSE

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A Unified Graphical Notation for AOSE
Abstract. Over the last five years a number of agent system development methodologies have been proposed and developed, with a number of them becoming well established and used beyond the group developing them. They all deal with similar concepts, but the notations used differ substantially. In this work we develop a standardized graphical notation for four prominent agent development methodologies, using principles of graphical notation suggested by Rumbaugh. We briefly illustrate the graphical design views produced in the different methodologies, on a conference management system example, using the standardized notation. We then discuss some of the similarities and differences on the basis of the design artifacts produced - which are now much more readily comparable than previously. This is a first step in being able to readily incorporate steps from different methodologies, depending on the needs of the application. It also helps to make the material more readily accessible to a wid...
Lin Padgham, Michael Winikoff, Scott A. DeLoach, M
Added 12 Oct 2010
Updated 12 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where AOSE
Authors Lin Padgham, Michael Winikoff, Scott A. DeLoach, Massimo Cossentino
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