A Unified Model for Concurrent Debugging

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A Unified Model for Concurrent Debugging
: Events are occurrence instances of actions. The thesis of this paper is that the use of “actions”, instead of events, greatly simplifies the problem of concurrent debugging. Occurrence instances of actions provide a debugger with a unique identifier for each event. These identifiers help the debugger in recording the event orderings. The recorded orderings indicate much more than a mere temporal order. They indicate the dependences that “cause” the actions to execute. A debugger can, then, collect the dependence information from the orderings of different instances of the same action, and deduce the conditions that govern the execution of the action. This provides a framework for representing and checking the expected behavior. Unlike existing approaches, we cover all parts of the debugging cycle. Our unified model, therefore, allows a single debugger to support different debugging facilities like execution replay, race detection, assertion/model checking, execution histo...
S. I. Hyder, John Werth, James C. Browne
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Updated 08 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1993
Where ICPP
Authors S. I. Hyder, John Werth, James C. Browne
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