UNIT: User-centric Transaction Management in Web-Database Systems

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UNIT: User-centric Transaction Management in Web-Database Systems
Web-database systems are nowadays an integral part of everybody's life, with applications ranging from monitoring/trading stock portfolios, to personalized blog aggregation and news services, to personalized weather tracking services. For most of these services to be successful (and their users to be kept satisfied), two criteria need to be met: user requests must be answered in a timely fashion and using fresh data. This paper presents a framework to balance both requirements from the users' perspective. Toward this, we propose a user satisfaction metric to measure the overall effectiveness of the Web-database system. We also provide a set of algorithms to dynamically optimize this metric, through query admission control and update frequency modulation. Finally, we present extensive experimental results which compare our proposed algorithms to the current state of the art and show that we outperform competitors under various workloads (generated based on real traces) and us...
Alexandros Labrinidis, Daniel Mossé, Huimin
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Updated 01 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICDE
Authors Alexandros Labrinidis, Daniel Mossé, Huiming Qu
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