Universally Composable Commitments

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Universally Composable Commitments
d Abstract) Ran Canetti and Marc Fischlin Abstract. We propose a new security measure for commitment protocols, called Universally Composable (UC) Commitment. The measure guarantees that commitment protocols behave like an “ideal commitment service,” even when concurrently composed with an arbitrary set of protocols. This is a strong guarantee: it implies that security is maintained even when an unbounded number of copies of the scheme are running concurrently, it implies non-malleability (not only with respect to other copies of the same protocol but even with respect to other protocols), it provides resilience to selective decommitment, and more. Unfortunately, two-party uc commitment protocols do not exist in the plain model. However, we construct two-party uc commitment protocols, based on general complexity assumptions, in the common reference string model where all parties have access to a common string taken from a predetermined distribution. The protocols are non-interactiv...
Ran Canetti, Marc Fischlin
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Ran Canetti, Marc Fischlin
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