Unsupervised Pattern Discovery in Speech

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Unsupervised Pattern Discovery in Speech
We present a novel approach to speech processing based on the principle of pattern discovery. Our work represents a departure from traditional models of speech recognition, where the end goal is to classify speech into categories defined by a prespecified inventory of lexical units (i.e., phones or words). Instead, we attempt to discover such an inventory in an unsupervised manner by exploiting the structure of repeating patterns within the speech signal. We show how pattern discovery can be used to automatically acquire lexical entities directly from an untranscribed audio stream. Our approach to unsupervised word acquisition utilizes a segmental variant of a widely used dynamic programming technique, which allows us to find matching acoustic patterns between spoken utterances. By aggregating information about these matching patterns across audio streams, we demonstrate how to group similar acoustic sequences together to form clusters corresponding to lexical entities such as words an...
A. S. Park, J. R. Glass
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Type Journal
Year 2008
Authors A. S. Park, J. R. Glass
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