Updating action domain descriptions

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Updating action domain descriptions
How can an intelligent agent update her knowledge base about an action domain, relative to some conditions (possibly obtained from earlier observations)? We study this question in a formal framework for reasoning about actions and change, in which the meaning of an action domain description can be represented by a directed graph whose nodes correspond to states and whose edges correspond to action occurrences. We define the update of an action domain description in this framework, and show among other results that a solution to this problem can be obtained by a divide-and-conquer approach in some cases. We also introduce methods to compute a solution and an approximate solution to this problem, and analyze the computational complexity of these problems. Finally, we discuss techniques to improve the quality of solutions.
Thomas Eiter, Esra Erdem, Michael Fink, Ján
Added 08 Dec 2010
Updated 08 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where AI
Authors Thomas Eiter, Esra Erdem, Michael Fink, Ján Senko
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