URDAD as a semi-formal approach to analysis and design

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URDAD as a semi-formal approach to analysis and design
The Use Case, Responsibility Driven Analysis and Design (URDAD) methodology is a methodology for technology neutral design generating the Platform Independent Model of the Object Management Group’s Model Driven Architecture. It requires the core modeling to be done in the problem space by domain specialists and not in the solution space by technology specialists. URDAD allows for formalelementstobeaddedbydifferentroleplayersatdifferent stages of the model refinement, whilst aiming to preserve agility of the outputs and low cost of the process generating the outputs. This paper discusses the semi-formal aspects of URDAD which facilitate model validation and testing, documentation generation and automated implementation mapping as well as aspects which promote agility and low cost. Keywords URDAD method · Formal methods · Agile processes
Fritz Solms, Dawid Loubser
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Year 2010
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Authors Fritz Solms, Dawid Loubser
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