The Use of MedGIFT and EasyIR for ImageCLEF 2005

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The Use of MedGIFT and EasyIR for ImageCLEF 2005
This article describes the use of the medGIFT and easyIR retrieval systems for three of the four ImageCLEF 2005 retrieval tasks. We participated in the ad–hoc retrieval task that was similar to 2004, the new medical retrieval task requiring more semantic analysis and the new automatic annotation task. The techniques used in 2005 are similar to 2004 for the retrieval tasks. For automatic annotation, scripts were optimised to allow classification with a retrieval system. Unfortunately, an error in the text retrieval system led to relatively bad results for all runs including text. All retrieval results rely on two retrieval systems: for visual retrieval we use the GNU Image Finding Tool (GIFT), and for text retrieval EasyIR. For ad-hoc retrieval, two runs were submitted with different configurations of grey levels and Gabor filters. No textual retrieval was attempted resulting in generally lower scores than text retrieval but the best visual run. For medical retrieval , visual retr...
Henning Müller, Antoine Geissbühler, Joh
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CLEF
Authors Henning Müller, Antoine Geissbühler, Johan Marty, Christian Lovis, Patrick Ruch
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