The Use of Simulation for Construction Elements Manufacturing

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The Use of Simulation for Construction Elements Manufacturing
The manufacture of pre-cast concrete building elements consists of a few manufacturing steps. The process itself is simple, but the characteristics of the business are quite random. Simulation modeling is an effective tool for analyzing the difficulties of scheduling and making parts of many different specifications. Random elements include time to setup, inspect, mix, pour cement, and form concrete. Furthermore, activities scheduled at different areas of the plant have a great impact on the facility's ability to meet delivery dates. A simulation model offers the capability to capture many of the random elements and facilitate the analyses of complicated what-if scenarios. In this paper, we describe, within confidentiality limits, a model that represents many of the interacting components of such a facility. Key Words: pre-cast construction, manufacturing, scheduling
Katy Vern, Ali K. Gunal
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Type Conference
Year 1998
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Authors Katy Vern, Ali K. Gunal
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