User-Aware Dynamic Task Allocation in Networks-on-Chip

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User-Aware Dynamic Task Allocation in Networks-on-Chip
In this paper, we propose a run-time strategy for allocating the application tasks to platform resources in homogeneous Networks-on-Chip (NoCs). As novel contribution, we incorporate the user behavior information in the resource allocation process; this allows system to better respond to real-time changes and adapt dynamically to user needs. Several algorithms are then proposed for solving the task allocation problem, while minimizing the communication energy consumption and network contention. If user behavior is taken into consideration, we observe about 60% communication energy savings (with negligible and energy runtime overhead) compared to an arbitrary task allocation strategy.
Chen-Ling Chou, Radu Marculescu
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Type Conference
Year 2008
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Authors Chen-Ling Chou, Radu Marculescu
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