User-Based Attestation for Trustworthy Visual Sensor Networks

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User-Based Attestation for Trustworthy Visual Sensor Networks
Abstract—Camera networks are used for a variety of applications including surveillance, traffic monitoring or elderly care. The shift from analog towards fully digitized systems has considerably increased their capabilities. With large-scale deployments of smart cameras and visual sensor networks, public awareness of privacy issues is increasing. Researchers are addressing these concerns by introducing privacy preserving technologies like content scrambling and encryption. Today’s systems however do not provide mechanisms that allow monitored people to verify that a camera system is behaving as advertised by its operators. In this work, we propose to use Trusted Computing to enhance the security of camera systems and, by enabling user-based attestation, give users a simple and intuitive way to check the trustworthiness of cameras.
Thomas Winkler, Bernhard Rinner
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Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Thomas Winkler, Bernhard Rinner
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