User evaluations on form factors of tangible magic lenses

12 years 2 months ago
User evaluations on form factors of tangible magic lenses
Magic Lens is a small inset window embedded in a large context view, which provides an alternative view to the region of interest selected from the context view. This metaphor is used for 3D visualization in our Augmented Virtual Reality infrastructure, SCAPE (Stereoscopic Collaboration in Augmented and Projective Environments), which is composed of a wall display for a high level of detail, life-size virtual world and a workbench display for simplified god-like view to the world. A tangible Magic Lens is used on the workbench display to allow direct and intuitive selection of continuous levels of detail, bridging the gap between the two extreme levels of detail in SCAPE. This paper presents our first step to the user evaluations of tangible Magic Lens. We conducted two sets of user evaluations, one mainly testing the lens aspect ratio, and another for the lens size. For both of the tests, two types of tasks are conducted: information gathering and relating the detailed information wi...
Ji-Young Oh, Hong Hua
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Ji-Young Oh, Hong Hua
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