User interface plasticity: model driven engineering to the limit!

11 years 10 months ago
User interface plasticity: model driven engineering to the limit!
Ten years ago, I introduced the notion of user interface plasticity to denote the capacity of user interfaces to adapt, or to be adapted, to the context of use while preserving usability. The Model Driven Engineering (MDE) approach, which was used for user interface generation since the early eighties in HCI, has recently been revived to address this complex problem. Although MDE has resulted in interesting and convincing results for conventional WIMP user interfaces, it has not fully demonstrated its theoretical promises yet. In this paper, we discuss how to push MDE to the limit in order to reconcile high-level modeling techniques with low-level programming in order to go beyond WIMP user interfaces. Author Keywords User interface plasticity, user interface adaptation, user interface generation, run time adaptation, user interface composition, dynamic service composition, model driven engineering (MDE), service-oriented architecture (SOA). ACM Classification Keywords D.2.2 [Software...
Joëlle Coutaz
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Year 2010
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Authors Joëlle Coutaz
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