A User Interface for the User-Centred Knowledge Model, t-UCK

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A User Interface for the User-Centred Knowledge Model, t-UCK
This paper presents a user interface to the User-Centred Knowledge Model (t-UCK). T-UCK is a knowledge modelling tool for designing knowledge-intensive systems. The model centres round the various users, i.e., both the design users and the end users, and facilitates the use of a conceptual model for handling different types of knowledge, the reasoning strategy and other functionality. For the design users, the conceptual model is presented through a modelling view of the contents used for developing the system. For the end users, the conceptual model has a parallel consulting view used for sessions with the system. Both these views are directly modelled into the system through a graphical modelling language, the Unified Modelling Language (UML). UML is a general-purpose modelling language, which in a modified form it can be used for development of knowledge-based systems.
Anne Håkansson
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Year 2008
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