User Interfaces

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User Interfaces
Todays computer interfaces are one-size-fits-all. Users with little programming experience have very limited opportunities to customize an interface to their task and work habits. Furthermore, the overhead induced by generic interfaces will be proportionately greater on small form-factor PDAs, embedded applications and wearable devices. Automatic personalization may greatly enhance user productivity, but it requires advances in customization (explicit, user-initiated change) and adaptation (interface-initiated change in response to routine user behavior). In order to improve customization, we must make it easier for users to direct these changes. In order to improve adaptation, we must better predict user behavior and navigate the inherent tension between the dynamism of automatic adaptation and the stability required in order for the user to predict the computers behavior and maintain control. This paper surveys a decade’s work on customization and adaptation at the University of ...
L. Anderson
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Year 1989
Authors L. Anderson
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