User Participation in Social Media: Digg Study

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User Participation in Social Media: Digg Study
The social news aggregator Digg allows users to submit and moderate stories by voting on (digging) them. As is true of most social sites, user participation on Digg is nonuniformly distributed, with few users contributing a disproportionate fraction of content. We studied user participation on Digg, to see whether it is motivated by competition, fueled by user ranking, or social factors, such as community acceptance. For our study we collected activity data of the top users weekly over the course of a year. We computed the number of stories users submitted, dugg or commented on weekly. We report a spike in user activity in September 2006, followed by a gradual decline, which seems unaffected by the elimination of user ranking. The spike can be explained by a controversy that broke out at the beginning of September 2006. We believe that the lasting acrimony that this incident has created led to a decline of top user participation on Digg.
Kristina Lerman
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Year 2007
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Authors Kristina Lerman
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