Using BGP in a Satellite-Based Challenged Network Environment

8 years 1 months ago
Using BGP in a Satellite-Based Challenged Network Environment
Once, satellites were considered an important option for creating global Internet access. However, for a period of time, satellites were supplanted by other ground-based technologies. More recently, satellites have been proposed as an integral component in highly dynamic challenged environments where large numbers of mobile devices connect through satellite-based terminals. Routing within groups of mobile devices is performed by one of the myriad of wireless routing protocols, but over the space/ground link, BGP is the protocol of choice. In this work, we conduct a high fidelity experimental study of link intermittency on the space/ground link and its effect on BGP peering sessions between ground and satellite routers. Our results show that a routing architecture that does not correctly adapt to the particular characteristics of satellite links performs very poorly. By contrast, a correctly tuned routing architecture can survive prolonged outages intermixed with short periods of link c...
Roman Chertov, Kevin C. Almeroth
Added 14 Feb 2011
Updated 14 Feb 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Roman Chertov, Kevin C. Almeroth
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