Using filesystem virtualization to avoid metadata bottlenecks

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Using filesystem virtualization to avoid metadata bottlenecks
—Parallel file systems are very sensitive to adverse conditions, and the lack of synergy between such file systems and some of the applications running on them has a negative impact on the overall system performance. Our observations indicate that the increased pressure on metadata management is one of the relevant causes of performance drops. This paper proposes a virtualization layer above the native file system that, transparently to the user, reorganizes the underlying directory tree, mitigating bottlenecks by taking advantage of the native file system optimizations and limiting the effects of potentially harmful application behavior. We developed COFS (COmposite File System) as a proof-of-concept virtual layer to evaluate the feasibility of the proposal.
Ernest Artiaga, Toni Cortes
Added 10 Jul 2010
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Year 2010
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Authors Ernest Artiaga, Toni Cortes
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