Using an Ontology for Knowledge Acquisition

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Using an Ontology for Knowledge Acquisition
We describe an approach to distributed knowledge acquisition using an ontology. The ontology is used to represent and reason about soldier performance. These methods are embedded in an immersive web based knowledge elicitation and analysis system. Background Advanced computer simulations are used for training (Haimson, 2005), mission rehearsal, planning, war-gaming, and research, to name a few. Recently, there has been great interest in using simulations to evaluate and analyze systems and technologies for the purpose of decreasing development and testing costs, evaluation of humanmachine systems, and on improving system acquisition decisions. As new soldier technologies are being developed, the need for realistic behavior models has increased in order to fully assess the value of these new systems. However, soldier performance data during military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) are very limited. Techniques to obtain MOUT performance data is critically needed for modeling and anal...
Stacy Lovell, Webb Stacy
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where AAAI
Authors Stacy Lovell, Webb Stacy
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