Using precomputation in architecture and logic resynthesis

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Using precomputation in architecture and logic resynthesis
Abstract Althoughtremendousadvanceshave been accomplished in logic synthesis in the past two decades, in some cases logic synthesis still cannot attain the improvements possible by clever designers. This, in part, is a result of logic synthesis not optimizing across register boundaries. In this paper we focus on precomputation as a resynthesis technique capable of resynthesizing across register boundaries. By using precomputation, a critical signal is computed earlier in time, thus allowing it to be combinationally optimized with logic from previous pipeline stages. Precomputation automatically discovers some standard circuit transformations like bypassing and lookahead. In addition, precomputation can be used in conjunction with combinational logic synthesis to resynthesize a circuit to obtain better performance. This papercontributesto the understandinganddevelopment of precomputation. First, it provides a synthesis algorithm for precomputation. Second, it demonstrates how precomputa...
Soha Hassoun, Carl Ebeling
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Soha Hassoun, Carl Ebeling
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