Using Random Forests for Handwritten Digit Recognition

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Using Random Forests for Handwritten Digit Recognition
In the Pattern Recognition field, growing interest has been shown in recent years for Multiple Classifier Systems and particularly for Bagging, Boosting and Random Subspaces. Those methods aim at inducing an ensemble of classifiers by producing diversity at different levels. Following this principle, Breiman has introduced in 2001 another family of methods called Random Forest. Our work aims at studying those methods in a strictly pragmatic approach, in order to provide rules on parameter settings for practitioners. For that purpose we have experimented the Forest-RI algorithm, considered as the Random Forest reference method, on the MNIST handwritten digits database. In this paper, we describe Random Forest principles and review some methods proposed in the literature. We present next our experimental protocol and results. We finally draw some conclusions on Random Forest global behavior according to their parameter tuning.
Simon Bernard, Sébastien Adam, Laurent Heut
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Simon Bernard, Sébastien Adam, Laurent Heutte
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