Using UML Action Semantics for Executable Modeling and Beyond

12 years 10 months ago
Using UML Action Semantics for Executable Modeling and Beyond
The UML lacks precise and formal foundations for several constructs such as transition guards or method bodies, for which it resorts to semantic loopholes in the form of “uninterpreted” expressions. The Action Semantics proposal aims at filling this gap by providing both a metamodel integrated into the UML metamodel, and a model of execution for these statements. As a future OMG standard, the Action Semantics eases the move to tool interoperability, and allows for executable modeling and simulation. We explore in this paper a specificity of the Action Semantics: its applicability to the UML metamodel, itself a UML model. We show how this approach paves the way for powerful metaprogramming capabilities such as refactoring, aspect weaving, application of design patterns or round-trip engineering. Furthermore, the overhead for designers is minimal, as mappings from usual objectoriented languages to the Action Semantics will be standardized. We focus on an approach for expressing man...
Gerson Sunyé, François Pennaneac'h,
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Gerson Sunyé, François Pennaneac'h, Wai-Ming Ho, Alain Le Guennec, Jean-Marc Jézéquel
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