Vagueness and Rough Location

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Vagueness and Rough Location
This paper deals with the representation and the processing of information about spatial objects with indeterminate location like valleys or dunes (objects subject to vagueness). The indeterminacy of the location of spatial objects is caused by the vagueness of the unity condition provided by the underlying human concepts valley and dune. We propose the notion of rough, i.e., approximate, location for representing and processing information about indeterminate location of objects subject to vagueness. We provide an analysis of the relationships between vagueness of concepts, indeterminacy of location of objects, and rough approximations using methods of formal ontology. In the second part of the paper we propose an algebraic formalization of rough location, and hence, a formal method for the representation of objects subject to vagueness on a computer. We further de
Thomas Bittner, John G. Stell
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Thomas Bittner, John G. Stell
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