A Variational Approach for Object Contour Tracking

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A Variational Approach for Object Contour Tracking
In this paper we describe a new framework for the tracking of closed curves described through implicit surface modeling. The approach proposed here enables a continuous tracking along an image sequence of deformable object contours. Such an approach is formalized through the minimization of a global spatio-temporal continuous cost functional stemming from a Bayesian Maximum a posteriori estimation of a Gaussian probability distribution. The resulting minimization sequence consists in a forward integration of an evolution law followed by a backward integration of an adjoint evolution model. This latter pde include also a term related to the discrepancy between the curve evolution law and a noisy observation of the curve. The efficiency of the approach is demonstrated on image sequences showing deformable objects of different natures.
Nicolas Papadakis, Étienne Mémin, Fr
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where VLSM
Authors Nicolas Papadakis, Étienne Mémin, Frédéric Cao
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