Velocity-Dependent Shutter Sequences for Motion Deblurring

7 years 10 months ago
Velocity-Dependent Shutter Sequences for Motion Deblurring
We address the problem of high-quality image capture of fast-moving objects in moderate light environments. In such cases, the use of a traditional shutter is known to yield non-invertible motion blur due to the loss of certain spatial frequencies. We extend the flutter shutter method of Raskar et al. to fast-moving objects by first demonstrating that no coded exposure sequence yields an invertible point spread function for all velocities. Based on this, we argue that the shutter sequence must be dependent on object velocity, and propose a method for computing such velocity-dependent sequences. We demonstrate improved image quality from velocity-dependent sequences on fast-moving objects, as compared to sequences found using the existing sampling method.
Added 27 Jul 2010
Updated 27 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where ECCV
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