Verifying Design with Proof Scores

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Verifying Design with Proof Scores
: Verifying design instead of code can be an effective and practical approach to obtaining verified software. This paper argues that proof scores are an attractive method for verifying design, in that they achieve a balance in which the respective capabilities of humans and machines are utilized optimally. 1 Verifying Code or Design Although creation of a verifying compiler is a difficult challenge, recent developments suggest that there are ways to make it easier. Systems that generate lexical analyzers and parsers already have a long history (e.g. Lex and Yacc), and recent work of Sorin Lerner [23] shows that the same can be done for compiler backends; there is also work suggesting that code generation modules can be automatically generated (e.g. using intermediate languages). Unfortunately, a great number of different compilers are needed in today’s software world, and the underlying machine architectures are evolving, as are the languages, so it would be difficult to create ve...
Kokichi Futatsugi, Joseph A. Goguen, Kazuhiro Ogat
Added 28 Jun 2010
Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Kokichi Futatsugi, Joseph A. Goguen, Kazuhiro Ogata
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