Verifying process models built using parameterized state machines

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Verifying process models built using parameterized state machines
Software process and workflow languages are increasingly used to define loosely-coupled systems of systems. These languages focus on coordination issues such as data flow and control flow among the subsystems and exception handling activities. The resulting systems are often highly concurrent with activities distributed over many computers. Adequately testing these systems is not feasible due to their size, concurrency, and distributed implementation. Furthermore, the concurrent nature of their activities makes it likely that errors related to the order in which activities are interleaved will go undetected during testing. As a result, verification using static analysis seems necessary to increase confidence in the correctness of these systems. In this paper, we describe our experiences applying LTSA to the analysis of software processes written in Little-JIL. A key aspect to the approach taken in this analysis is that the model that is analyzed consists of a reusable portion th...
Barbara Staudt Lerner
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Year 2004
Authors Barbara Staudt Lerner
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